A Message from the President


Hello Family-

Yes God said it, that in the year of 2013 we will break ground on our very own Johnson Family Reunion camp ground. It is located on Big Eddie Road in Chandler, Tx and I hope you are as excited as I am and that you are looking forward to another great 'Johnson Family Reunion.' Hebrews 11:1, "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." In my previous letter to the family, I asked for a 1,000 family members to sow a seed of $300.00 into this family to get started in the building process of the Johnson's camp ground home. When we work together I know that we can, Git-R-Done. We're the Johnsons.
I urge every Communications Coordinator to spread the word to everyone in your descendent group and encourage them to support the ground breaking efforts. Grandma Ida was present at the first reunion in 1962, which was the last year of her life. I think she would be pleased to know that her children are yet carrying on the tradition for over 50 years. I bid you all, dear family, come and be blessed! Let's make future Johnson Family Reunions a memorable occassion, not forgetting the labor of love given by the late Deacon Fisher Johnson Sr. and the late Elder Matthew Barnes, both committed to bringing us all together.


I love every one of you.

- Deacon Gary D. Johnson


Land clearing for the Johnson Family Camp Ground is under way and your support & help is needed to get the fence installed as soon as possible.
See the Bulletin page for more information and instructions on how you can help. Your immediate attention to this matter is much appreciated.
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